Are you experiencing plumbing problems or a backup in your house? If you are not sure what is causing the backup, a local professional plumber can diagnose the problem and quickly fix it, and have you back to normal in no time at all. Once the source of the problem is found, a plumbing snake often called an auger can be used to help clear your drains and sewer lines.

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Determining the Cause

How can you tell when you have a mainline sewer stoppage? The mainline connects your plumbing to your city’s municipal sewer line or septic tank. When the main sewer line is clogged, the first signs you will start to notice are in your toilet, bathtubs, and showers; their pathway is directly connected to the sewer as well as being the closest drains to the ground. Eventually, these and other plumbing fixtures in your home will start to back up with grey or used water, which is quite often a gross sight to see, and also hazardous to you and your family. Checking your home's clean-out usually can confrim a mainline blockage. Clean-outs are usually located in a home’s exterior, a 3-4 inch pipe extending from the ground with a noticeable cap. The cap is removed, and if there is visible water overflowing, you know you have a problem.

Most Common Causes

• Foreign objects
• Root infested pipes
• Hair
• Years of mineral build-up
• Grease
• Sludge
• Dirt
• Rocks
• Pipe damage

Types of Plumbing Snakes

Hand Spinner – A hand spinner is a smaller plumbing snake that is generally used around sinks, showers, or a bathtub. They work well for clogs that are near these areas and doesn’t require more extensive equipment to be brought into your home.

Toilet Auger – You may hear this referred to as a closet auger or a water auger they are all essentially the same thing, a toilet auger. A toilet auger has a plastic cap on the tip to prohibit scratching your porcelain toilet. Toilet augers are great plumbing snakes for toilets.

Drum Augers – A drum auger is similar to other plumbing snakes; however, it has a blade on the tip to cut through and break up the clog to get your pipes flowing again. Drum augers should only be used by professional plumbers to ensure they don’t cause damage to your pipes.

Electric Augers – Similar to other pipe snaking equipment; however, an electric auger uses rotating blades to dice through debris like roots and foreign objects to help clear the lines.

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